Our nursery room consists of the Ladybird Room and the Messy Room. Ages 2 to 4 are mixed and children can free-flow between both. 

Ladybird Room 

Here is our Ladybird Room which provides care and learning through a child centred approach, meeting the holistic needs of each individual child. We ensure each day is full of fun in an enabling rich environment which allows each child to feel safe and secure allowing them to develop in a relaxed but stimulating way. 
We provide opportunity to explore all 7 areas of learning to help each child reach the early year’s outcomes. 

Book Area 

We provide a varied number of books such as classic stories but also books we feel may help the children through particular situations, these books are swapped on a regular basis to suit interests and help aid learning. 

Messy Play 

We are great fans of messy play in any way you can imagine, from paint, sand and water to various sensory materials allowing children to explore freely widening their imagination. 

Role Play 

Our pre-school children are big fans of our role play area, re-enacting home life, taking on various roles and expanding their knowledge and imagination through experiences, play and technology. 

Kiddiwinks provides the perfect preparation for school 

• We provide opportunities for our pre-school children to become school ready encouraging early maths skills through a wide range of activities. 
• We recognise individuality allowing each child the opportunity to develop at a rate suited to them 
• We encourage early phonics such as recognising sounds in an environment. 
• The butterfly room have a fantastic team with sound knowledge of child development, showing enthusiasm and passion whilst developing high standards. 
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