Baby Room 

Your baby will be lovingly cared for by a fully qualified member of staff 

Our baby room has 3 fully qualified members of staff, looking after a maximum of 6 babies, aged 0 - 2 years. 
Areas in this room include: 
Quiet Area - filled with cushions, beanbags and neutral colours for babies to sit, chill out and relax. 
Various places to sleep (cot, bouncy chair, cushions) - a quiet comfy area for babies to relax, get comfy and doze off in a cosy environment 
Daily Report - a form for all parents/carers to keep up to date with what your child has done at nursery eg. Meals, nappy change, sleep bottles 
Baby “Black and White” Area - a high contrast of black and white that stimulates young babies 
Creative and Messy Play - an area filled with different resources in order for babies to develop their fine and gross motor skills, be creative, get messy and have fun 
Space to Crawl and Move - large free space so babies can learn to roll, crawl and walk freely in an open space 
Supervised Outdoor Area - a large area for babies to access with their key worker.  
Consistency of Staff - being a key worker is an important role for staff, babies and parents, so in the baby room we make sure your child is seen in and out of the nursery by their key worker in order for an attachment to form 
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